Programs for Schools and Students

The culture and traditions of the Edo period. Saturday Program for Elementary and Junior High School Students

This program is held every Saturday.
Students learn about and experience various customs and traditions from the Edo period.
Themes change every month.

Further information (only in Japanese)

Summer Class on Japanese History for Elementary and Junior High School Students

In August, a summer class for children on Japanese history is held every day. The main theme changes every year. Volunteers of the Tokugawa Art Museum serve as tutors.

  • Part 1: Gallery Quiz
  • Part 2: Lectures and viewing of exhibits
  • Part 3: Experiential learning of history
    (e.g. “Kaiawase” shell-matching game, Wearing armor, holding swords, holding matchlock guns, etc.)

Fee: Free
(Admission is free for elementary, junior high, and high school students on Saturday.)

Membership System for Universities and Colleges

The Tokugawa Art Museum provides a membership system for universities and colleges in Aichi Prefecture to promote students’ understanding and appreciation of the works of art in our museum. Students (including exchange students) of the universities or colleges which are enrolled as member institutions can visit the Tokugawa Art Museum for free at any time by showing their student identification card.