Membership System & Activity Support Funding

The Tokugawa Art Museum is actively seeking to raise supporting funds to maintain, develop and further enhance museum activities. Various membership systems are also in place to cultivate members’ knowledge and appreciation of art and artworks, regularly offering seminars, courses, research presentations, gallery concerts and more.

Supporter’s Association Membership

The Supporter’s Association Membership System aims to maintain and further develop the museum’s activities, as well as to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of art and history among the members, through exhibitions, seminars, research presentations, courses, gallery concerts, and other events and activities.

“Friends of the Museum” Membership

The purpose of the “Friends of the Museum” Membership System is to enhance members’ appreciation of art and artwork through repeated visits to the Museum.

Volunteer Activities

The Tokugawa Art Museum Volunteers Association was established along with the opening of the Museum’s new wing in October, 1987. The association aims to enhance the Museum’s activities, offering free volunteer guide services for visitors, while concurrently deepening understanding and appreciation of art and culture among the volunteers themselves. Volunteers conduct their activities on a rotational basis once or twice monthly.

Guide to Activity Supporting Funding

The Tokugawa Reimeikai Foundation (a publically incorporated foundation) was established in 1931 by the 19th head of the Owari Tokugawa Family, Yoshichika Tokugawa, and operates the Tokugawa Art Museum. It also operates the Tokugawa Institute for the History of Forestry, which conducts education and research, as well as engaging in work for preservation, exhibition and publication concerning the treasures and documents inherited from generation to generation in the Owari Tokugawa Family.

Membership System for Universities and Colleges

The Tokugawa Art Museum provides a membership system for universities and colleges in Aichi Prefecture to promote students’ understanding and appreciation of the works of art in our museum. Students (including exchange students) of the universities or colleges which are enrolled as member institutions can visit the Tokugawa Art Museum for free at any time by showing their student identification card.

The following institutions are current member institutions

Membership: Students and Faculty Members Aichi Gakuin University, Aichi Gakuin University Junior College, Dental Technician School, Aichi Gakuin University, Aichi University of the Arts, Aichi Prefectural University, Aichi Institute of Technology, Aichi Shukutoku University, Ohkagakuen University, Chukyo University, Chubu University, Tokai Gakuen University, Doho University, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Nagoya Gakuin University, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Nagoya University of Economics, Nagoya University of the Arts, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya City University, Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, Nagoya University, Nagoya College, Nagoya Fashion Institute of Technology, Nagoya Future Culture College, Nanzan University
Membership: Students only Kinjo Gakuin University, Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Meijo University

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