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Gallery 1

Symbols of the Warrior - Arms and Armor -

Here suits of armor are displayed as they would have been in a Daimyō household, evoking the deep reverence and admiration the samurai class felt for military equipment.

Gallery 2

The Practice of Tea - A Daimyo's Tea Room -

This thatched building is a reconstruction of the Sarumen Tea House from the Ninomaru residence in Nagoya Castle. Tea ceremony was an integral part of the social and cultural life of the Edo samurai, and their teahouses constituted a measure of their sens

Gallery 3

Formal Chamber of a Daimyo's Residence

These partial reconstructions of reception chambers in Nagoya Castle, the Kusarino-ma and the Hiroma from the Ninomaru residence, include display alcoves (tokonoma), staggered shelves (chigaidana), and writing alcoves (shoindoko) equipped with authentic f

Gallery 4

Daimyo Patronage of Noh Theater

The reproduction of the Noh stage from Nagoya Castle, Ninomaru residence, follows the precise measurements of the original. Since Noh performances formed an integral part of household ceremonies and entertainment for guests, the Noh stage was an essential

Gallery 5

Objects and Furnishings of Elegant Living

On display here are personal items used by the Daimyo and his wife in their daily life. These objects for private use (okudōgu) include educational tools as well as household utensils and accessories.

Gallery 6

The Flowering of the Courtly Tradition -The Tale of Genji Illustrated Scrolls-

Most famous of all Japanese handscrolls, the twelfth-century Illustrated Tale of Genji (a National Treasure) is too fragile to be displayed for more than short periods. In this room, reproductions and video images provide informative alternatives, always